In order to get access to the Client Zone, you have to become our client first, and then request an account at The password will be sent in a reply.

During our training course, you will receive a workbook with tasks and detailed instructions. We want to focus on learning by practice and experience.

Open Task Manager in Windows. CNEXT and CSTART processes are responsible for launching the program.

The price depends on many variables, such as the scope of the license, current offers and the number of computers. In order to receive an estimate, please contact our Sales Department.

There is no such danger. The only problems with opening files are between various releases, for example CATIA V5R20 will not open files saved in version V5-6R2016.

Yes. It is possible, thanks to downward compatibility function, but by doing so you will lose the file history.

Due to the fact that CATIA V5 has been continuously developed since 1998, it has insignificant system requirements, so that it can work properly on every modern computer.

Minimum system requirements are:

256 MB RAM

Any graphics card supporting the resolution of at least 1024×768 with 16-bit colour

CPU: Pentium III or newer

Select a sketch from the tree by clicking it with right mouse button and select “Change sketch support” from the menu.

The best way to obtain installers is to contact our Technical Department, who will provide them to you.

It is a unique network identifier, used for generating a license.

Contact our Technical Department – our staff will provide you with a programme allowing you to generate your Target ID. Keep in mind to turn off your Wi-Fi adapter before launching the programme.

CATIA does not have a Polish version; however, our training materials are provided in Polish, thanks to which you can easily learn about every functionality of the software without the need to know the technical English vocabulary.

The DSLS licensing server and its older version – LUM – do not have high hardware requirements. The server needs to be installed on a physical machine with at least 4 GB or RAM and 64-bit operating system.

The last version which works with a LUM server is V5-6R2012.

Yes, but it requires installing Service Pack 9 and, at the very least, HotFix version 96.

No – in order to generate a license for a new DSLS licensing server you are going to need a new TargetID.

The licensing servers do not support virtualisation.