Container Planner is a solution created by our company. Being the leading supplier of software for the manufacturers of transport containers in the automotive industry, we decided to offer our clients a solution allowing them to reduce the time spent on designing a box by up to 50%. Container Planner is an automated configurator of transport boxes, built according to the standards used by OEM manufacturers. The most significant characteristics of our product are:

  • 11.270 configurations,
  • full parametrisation of all main characteristics, using values prescribed by the manufacturer,
  • automatic floor rebuilding, depending on the type of element pick-up (human/robot),
  • CAD files compliant with CAD data validation systems (Validat),
  • technological characteristics for selected elements available at a click of the mouse (drainage holes, bevelling, etc.),
  • automation of a process of creating positioning bases for transported elements,
  • all parameters required by BOM updated automatically with changing dimensions,
  • quick definition of flexible elements (e.g. ropes),
  • constantly updated and kept in line with OEM standards,
  • available for V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms.
Szkolenie CATIA V5