Q-Checker is a leading PDQ-class (Product Data Quality) solution used for verification of CAD data quality in virtual environments. Employed at the very start of the project, it allows the creators to avoid many technical errors and mistakes, while enabling them to reuse the designed elements.

The users of the CATIA system are often forced to use multiple CAD solutions, which often generates problems with data translation. Q-Checker allows the users to quickly find all errors and implement designated standards. Additionally, by using PDQ tools, OEM suppliers guarantee their clients to provide data according to the widely-adopted standards and best practices used in the automotive industry.

Q-Monitor is a part of the Q-Checker product family, allowing for statistical analysis of erros in projects, thanks to which the designers are able to follow the process of gradual error elimination.



my PLM supports the use of complex CAD environments, managing various releases, configurations and addons. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the users can easily define access to a wide variety of tools to specific teams. Most important characteristics of the solution include:

  • tree structure, giving users a clear way to view all applications,
  • integration with PLM systems (ENOVIA, Teamcenter, etc.),
  • flexibility with combining various CAD tools, licenses and configurations.